Dean davis


Dean and Andrea have been serving with CSHOP since its birth in 2009.  The Lord has called them to stand before Him in the place of prayer that they might have life and light to shine into their generation.  It is their desire in serving at CSHOP to see young adults ignited with the fire of God’s love, to see them rooted and grounded in the truth of God’s word, and to equip them for the work of ministry. A major part of Dean’s ministry is music.  In an age where MTV (Music Television) is one of the foremost influences of our generation, Dean knows he is called to write and record music that combines excellence in musicianship with powerful truth to lead a generation back to the heart of God.  As a private music teacher and a lead instructor in CSHOP’s worship team internship, he is able to see others strengthened in their musical gifting while being matured in their character. The Davis family is currently working part time in the marketplace and part time with the House of Prayer. Dean currently serves as one of our worship leaders, the head of our developing pastoral care department, a leader in our worship team internship, and in various other ways.  Andrea works in the media department and helps disciple young adults.