Bound4LIFE is a national organization that was birthed out of an extended period of fasting and prayer before the 2004 Presidential election.  During that time, the Lord released a strategy for standing against the demonic forces that fuel abortion.  It is simply a piece of red tape with the word LIFE written on it!  And in the spirit of Ezekiel 4:1-3, we stand as a siege wall against abortion with the silent cry of LIFE across our lips.  God is looking for people to stand in the gap, pleading for justice on behalf of those murdered and pleading for mercy for those who have killed.

The Bryan/College Station chapter of Bound4LIFE (BCSTX) is privileged to have been part of a community of believers who stood and prayed faithfully until our local Planned Parenthood clinic permanently closed its doors in August 2013! We continue to stand for life as we intercede several times per month for the ending of abortion at our prayer meeting on Thursdays from 6-8pm at the College Station House of Prayer. We also pray for local pro life ministries and encourage chapter participants to serve these ministries by volunteering.

We also adhere to the covenant of the Life Band which is to:
PRAY for the ending of abortion
VOTE for candidates who are pro-life
OBEY as God leads us into acts of compassion and justice

If you are interested in getting connected with BCSTX Bound4LIFE, please e-mail